TwelvEighty is the on-campus bar and grill owned by students, staffed by students and rocked out in… by students.


During the day:

 If you ever find yourself sitting knee to knee with a stranger in the student center trying to eat your lunch you need to think to yourself, “Why am I not at TwelvEighty? It’s just down the stairs!” When you are on campus for classes or just hanging out, our pub is a great place to chill and enjoy some time away from the hustle and bustle of campus. We provide high quality food at competitive prices for students and faculty, while maintaining a fun and laidback atmosphere. Are you 19+ and need a drink between classes? Our alcohol prices are low enough that even poor students can get help making their day fly by!


Thursday Nights:

 Every Thursday night twelvEighty turns from our light, carefree restaurant into one of the most popular night clubs in Hamilton. With great drink specials, cheap cover and student-orientated programming, our club is the place to be every Thursday night. Saturday night events will be happening occasionally throughout the semester, so make sure you keep up to date by following our event schedule online. We will also be featuring special sponsored night events with free giveaways and samplings. Remember to show up early so you don’t get caught in that Student Center line!


Special events:

As you get involved with various clubs and groups on campus you may decide you want to hold a social event to celebrate or bond with your fellow club members. TwelvEighty has the space and the resources to make your event happen!





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