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Specialty Training Classes


Specialty Training Classes

Start time: April 1, 2014 – April 15, 2014 (2:00am – 4:00am) – Book Now

Team Training Specialty Camps for Every Body

Check out our exciting lineup of speciality classes! Program availability varies by club – check your club for details.


Enhance your technique with one-on-one coaching of GoodLife’s most popular Group Exercise classes:


The original barbell class that strengthens your entire body by challenging all your major muscle groups.


The sports-inspired cardio workout that’s all about improving your speed, fitness, strength and agility.


The martial-arts inspired cardio workout that’s all about learning to strike, punch, kick and kata your way to superior fitness.


the indoor spinning class that has you pedaling your way through hills, flats, mountain peaks, time trials and intervals.


The Yoga, Tai Chi and Pilates workout that builds flexibility and strength.

Core and Athletic Conditioning

Core Bootcamp

Good to the CORE! Prevent and reduce back pain and injury and strengthen your abs and back.

Sports Team

Complement your athletic training and improve strength, speed, agility, stability, endurance and overall tolerance to intense activity.

Mind & Body

Pilates Playground

Utilizing the STOTT PILATES® Flex-Band®, Fitness Circle® and Toning Ball™ to develop strength and shape your entire body.

Pilates Reformer

Utilizing the STOTT PILATES® Reformer® for a stellar body-sculpting workout that develops lean muscles overall.

Specialty Yoga

Unleash your Yogi! Take your practice to the next level with our Specialty Yoga sessions.


Girls’ Night Out

Dance your way into shape with our hip-hop focused classes. Bring a friend and have FUN!


Learn to Run

Learn the basics of running, nutrition, stretching, injuries, goals and pacing.

Strong on the Run

Learn great strength training techniques that will build your muscles and support your joints as you run.

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Ricky Price

Nadine Hubley first got into Health and Fitness for a variety of reasons, with the primary reason being her daughter. She has a background as a gymnast and gymnastics instructor, which taught her a great deal about dedication – and seeing the results of that dedication. In 2001, Nadine gave birth to a beautiful baby girl, and decided it was time to give gymnastics up and move on. She’d always wanted to be a Momma, and teaching gymnastics would interfere with her spending time with her daughter after school. So she enrolled in a Health and Wellness Program at CompuCollege and graduated at the top of her class as a Certified Personal Trainer.

She spent a few years working in different gyms throughout the city gaining experience and waiting until the moment was right to strike out on her own and launch Nadine’s Mobile Fitness. That moment occurred in 2009 when she gave up her dayjob and decided to focus on her growing company full time.